Saturday, October 23, 2010

31 for 21 Day 23: Supported Walking

First an update on Sweet Pea's health:  I think the drugs are REALLY working this time!!!!  She slept through the entire night and didn't get us up until 6am!!!!!  We have been getting up anywhere from 4:15 - 5:30 for the past week and a half and were really hoping that this wasn't a new habit of hers.  We've done 3 rounds of drops and she is tolerating them much better than I feared.  I am continuing with my couch maneuver as it is the most comfortable for me and I assume pretty comfortable for her.  I need Daddy to help me give her the oral medicine because she refuses to take meds from me!  The worst part is that she will not only take them from Daddy, she smiles and opens her mouth for more!  It's annoying, but as long as she will take them from Daddy I'm not going to fight it too much.  Let's hope that the meds continue to work and that we get another night of good sleep.

On to the true topic of the post:

This afternoon Grandma came over for a few minutes and Sweet Pea was in a great mood.  She stood up using my legs for support as she often does and then she reached for my hands so I bent down and she took them.  I took a couple steps backwards and she lifted her feet and took real steps!  I couldn't believe it!  We did this for quite a while around the house and she was having a blast!  Mommies back was starting to get tired and Daddy made a brilliant statement, "Why don't you get out the Juppy?"

Yes, now that would be a brillant idea!  I was so excited about the Juppy when I first got it and yet I only used it a couple of times because it got put in the diaper bag which I stopped taking with me!  Doh!

So, I got out the Juppy, zipped her up in it and off we went!  She LOVED it!  She acted like it was a doorway jumper some, but she walked quite a bit.  She was having a blast and it was by far the longest that she has ever stood for.  Yes, she was supported a fair amount and so she didn't always have to bear all her weight, but she did a LOT of work and had a great time doing it. 

I don't know what a PT would call this, but I will call it "supported walking" until I learn otherwise.  Here is a video (sorry about the missing head for a chunk of it) of Sweet Pea doing her supported walking with a guest appearance by our dog, Kodi.  Kodi loves to be on camera!


  1. what a crazy little thing. I've never heard of those before. Sweet Pea is just the cutest lil thing!!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun - especially for something therapy related!

  3. Oh, that was so cute! I am thrilled for you guys!

  4. she is doing wonderful, Ive never seen one of these

  5. Nice job! I lent mine out to a friend who has a kiddo with CP, and I need to get it back soon I think.

  6. Oh that's great! So far you like the Juppy then? I had asked our PT about it a month ago and he had said Abby wasn't ready for it yet. But I still had the idea in the back of my head. It looked like there were multiple versions of it out there. Abby's pretty inconsistent about her willingness to be up on 2 feet still though. She'll pull herself up when she's motivated but it's an effort for her.