Sunday, October 3, 2010

31 for 21 Day 3: Center Based Therapy Fun

I was able to finally attend another Center Based Therapy class on Friday with Sweet Pea. While I LOVE (really mom I do) that my mom has been able to go and that she has given me great reports at the end of each day that include all sorts of great details, it is definitely not the same as being there myself. Sweet Pea seems to really love being there and I love watching her take it all in!

Here are some photos and a video clip of Friday's class:


  1. We moved here, to Spokane, so that Ella could go to the Spokane Guild School and Neuromuscular Center. It looks a lot like where Sweet Pea is going. I LOVE it, so much so that I now work there even though Ella has left the birth to 3 behind!

  2. oh wow! pumpkin art looks like an absolute blast! I know what M & I are going to be doing tomorrow! :-)

  3. Awesome! Love the song, and of course Sweet Pea!