Sunday, October 24, 2010

31 for 21 Day 24: Friendship Walk

This morning we did the Pier to Pier Friendship Walk with a couple families from our local Down syndrome support group.  It was a great walk along the beach and there was a wonderful turnout.  It was a lot of fun and since it was all flat I didn't kill myself doing it!  The weather was perfect (surprising considering the streak of poor weather we have had recently) and Sweet Pea was in a happy mood.  Now, Sweet Pea slept for 95% of the walk, but we got her to walk across the finish line and that was my one goal for the day so it was a complete success!

She even got to break through her own tape, but we missed getting that photo...too slow of a camera.

She even got a medal!

And lots of love from the high school cheerleaders!

This is actually before the walk...she was making sure that she was hydrated for the strenuous activity she was about to partake in!  Don't you just love her leg positions!


  1. she definitely looks comfortable drinking her water, that's for sure. haha! How fun that she walked across the finish line. good for you doing the walk too, I know your ankles must be swollen tonight though!

  2. A walk on the beach, what could be better! I love that she walked through the finish line, too cute!

  3. Such cute pictures of Sweet Pea.I know I have mentioned this before but I just LOVE her glasses.Love them.

  4. I see a marathon in Sweet Pea's future :)