Monday, October 18, 2010

31 for 21 Day 18: Ear Infection Clearing Up

Sweet Pea's ear infection seems to be getting better with the antibiotics that we started her on Friday night. I'm enjoying not having the ear tubes in terms of bubble baths, but it sure was nice not having ear infections either! The trickiest part about them is that it isn't like a cold that you can easily identify. Ear infections in Sweet Pea don't cause any symptoms except for fussiness and sometimes messing with one of her ears. She messes with her ears when she teethes though and she can be fussy for any number of reasons so it really is a guessing game until we take her in to see her doctor. I hate being an overly protective mother, but it seems that is just part of being on top of things when it comes to her.  Sweet Pea will get her 2nd set of ear tubes Nov. 2nd and that should get us through for a few months.  I'm really hoping that the new ear plugs that the doctor ordered will work so that we can let her have bubbles and play in the water as much as she wants!

Here are just a few pictures of our adorable little girl. Oh how I love her so much!!!!


  1. she is so darn sweet! i hope the next plugs are better for her. What a pain to deal with those infections all the time.

  2. Glad her ear infection is doing better.She's such a sweetheart! I love that second picture of her!