Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amazing Signing Time DVD Sale

I'm not going to count this as today's 31 for 21 post, but I had to let you know of an amazing sale that is happening on Signing Time DVD sets!  Thank you to Cathy at A Walk In Lily's Garden for sharing this great deal!  A wonderful relative has already taken advantage of this deal and Sweet Pea will be so excited when Christmas arrives!

Bestbuy.com has the Signing Time Season 2 volumes 1-3 set and volumes 4-7 set on sale for $14.99 each!  The volumes 1-3 set is regularly $60 and the 4-7 set is regularly $100!  They are both on back order, but Christmas is far enough away that it shouldn't matter.  When you go to the Best Buy website type go to the search box in the top right and type in Signing Time and you should see the first two items that are displayed are the two sets.

Sweet Pea currently has two Baby Signing Time DVD's and I don't think the word infatuation comes close to her obsession with them.  She will go up to the TV and start "nicely" yelling at it as her way of telling us that she wants to watch Baby Signing Time.  We will have to work on her requesting, but at least she is learning that she can use communication to get across her wants.  What is also funny is that when the DVD ends and the credits are rolling she starts vocalizing again as if to let us know, "hey parents...get on the ball...the DVD is over and you need to restart it."  She used to just watch it passively, but the past few days she has started to move her arms and hands for a lot of the signs.  It is so cute and I think that she is going to learn a lot of signs from these DVDs.  The regular (non-baby) version of Signing Time is more grown up and great for toddlers, but that day is coming for our little girl sooner than I'd like to think!

Happy shopping!


  1. Great info - thanks!! You can't even get them that cheap used on ebay.

  2. Hey...what's wrong with counting that as your 31 for 21...lol. Glad Sweet Pea is going to get them. Lily LOVES Baby Signing Time. I will admit, she's not yet quite as excited about the regular Signing Time videos. There aren't quite as many catchy (read annoying...lol) tunes as on the Baby version. But as you said...she'll grow into them.

  3. Thanks! We need more Signing Time dvds. I just ordered both sets. How long before they figure out the pricing error? Ha!