Friday, October 21, 2011

Photo Friday: Potty Training Skills

We've been working on potty training and the accompanying skills for a few months now.  Well, yesterday it finally caught up with me...Sweet Pea figured out how to pull her panties down and since she can't get them back up, she just takes them off!  She repeated this new skill numerous times during the afternoon, much to Angel's horror... 

I can't figure out how to teach her how to pull them back up over her butt.  Her short arms aren't helping us!

It's going to be a cold winter for Sweet Pea if she keeps this up!

We Got Shoes On Sale!

Last Friday I asked for help in the shoe department and you guys responded with great ideas! Unfortunately, wasn't having anything on a great sale and so I just kept looking. Luckily, HauteLook happened to have a great Stride Rite sale today!!!!

Check out these cuties:
This is Karlee ($26) and she is a my favorite!  I fell in love with her when I took Sweet Pea to the shoe store last week.  Sweet Pea really loved them too so I'm excited for them to arrive!

And we had to pick a sneaker also so here is Carlota Sparkle ($21.50):

And Angel couldn't be left out...especially since Sweet Pea's shoes in her size are wides and Angel isn't so she got these cute Maddy Mary Janes ($25):

If anyone likes Stride Rite shoes, you should check out HauteLook today! The sale goes through Monday but they often sell out of the cutest shoes first.  To see their deals you have to sign up as a member, but membership is free and very easy to do.  Have fun shopping!

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Shoes Needed

These cute little feet need some shoes that fit!  Fellow DS Mommy's, I need your advice. What brands of shoes have been recommended for your kids? Our podiatrist said Stride Rite and New Balance, but I've also heard good things about Pediped. She has little orthotics that sit in the shoes and go from the heel to just around the arch. They haven't seemed to impact shoes fitting in the past.

Sweet Pea desperately needs new shoes and I'd like to try to find some good deals online, but need to know what might work well. Any advice would be great!!!! Thanks!

And just some random photos of Sweet Pea to entice you to post a comment:

And her nose has healed pretty nicely, but it sure looked bad for a while there!

This is her "say cheese" face...actually this one is by far the best version of it!

We're Still Alive

I can't seem to find the time to get anything done...especially blogging!  I really should prioritize the blogging above everything else like cleaning, cooking, therapy, etc, but I just haven't been able to do it yet.  Just kidding!  I know you all understand just how busy our lives are and I'm impressed and amazed at how some of you fellow mommy's get so much done!  I'm working on getting more productive and efficient...and working...and working...

Our lives have been filled with the regular schedule of events of therapy, doctor appointments, play dates and just plain old life.  I got sick this week and that didn't help, but I'm on the mend and hope to be 100% better soon.  Angel is crawling everywhere and is in to absolutely EVERYTHING.  I'm not used to this and certainly wasn't prepared for it to happen so fast.  Sweet Pea is continuing to be a two year old and loves to cause chaos and watch my reaction.  That sweet girl sure has an evil streak in her!  She must get that from her Daddy!

The girls are playing together a ton and it is wonderful to watch their relationship blossom.  Too bad it's not always in appropriate ways...

Angel is learning to stand up for herself (Sweet Pea barged her way in front of Angel)

Angel continues to pull Sweet Pea's hair as her primary means of defense

Luckily Sweet Pea doesn't seem to mind it too much.  I think she knows that she has it coming!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sweet Pea's First Pony Ride

Mommy took the girls to a nearby hometown fair.  They opened the kids area early for kids with disabilities and it was wonderful!  We were able to do one of the bounce houses with Sweet Pea before too many other kids came along and made it unsafe for her.

Sweet Pea stared down Minnie Mouse for quite a while:

After the bounce house we went over to the ponies and Sweet Pea had her first pony ride.  They strap the kids in fairly securely and so no one needed to be right next to her.  This made me worry that she would freak out, but she did really well.  I'm not sure what she was thinking, but I think she had fun.  She was glad it ended when it did, but it was a long ride and so I can't blame her for that.

She could sense the excitement:

She looks so small next to the ponies!  I can't imagine how tiny she would look next to an actual horse!

Look hand!

Signing horse:

She's a natural:

I fear that a not too distant Christmas list will include a pony!

It was a fun morning and we will be making sure it's on our calendar for next year when Sweet Pea and Angel will be able to do even more!