Friday, October 14, 2011

New Shoes Needed

These cute little feet need some shoes that fit!  Fellow DS Mommy's, I need your advice. What brands of shoes have been recommended for your kids? Our podiatrist said Stride Rite and New Balance, but I've also heard good things about Pediped. She has little orthotics that sit in the shoes and go from the heel to just around the arch. They haven't seemed to impact shoes fitting in the past.

Sweet Pea desperately needs new shoes and I'd like to try to find some good deals online, but need to know what might work well. Any advice would be great!!!! Thanks!

And just some random photos of Sweet Pea to entice you to post a comment:

And her nose has healed pretty nicely, but it sure looked bad for a while there!

This is her "say cheese" face...actually this one is by far the best version of it!


  1. We use Stride Rite. I have been tempted with Pedipeds. They are so darn cute! The stride rite is close and I like i can take her in to get meausured. That way I know she is in the right size and they will work good with the sure steps.

  2. Does she not wear any sort of orthodics?? If she does and you need the extra width Ella always wore Stride Rites. If not, and you are looking for something with a good arch but is still a bit wide we LOVE Keen's. We currently have purple high tops : )

  3. squib shoes is a topic i could go on about all day...
    First of all, I'd recommend the website if you don't already shop there.
    I would look for a shoe that has a flexible sole in a wide or even extra wide width.
    The beauty of the stride rites is not only width and flexibility, but WEIGHT. They are SO light...Biggie wears a pair of extra wide stride rite tennis shoes with his orthotics and they work out great.
    Saucony and New Balance are also good recommendations in the tennis shoe department. Often Stride Rite stores will carry these brands. They can be ordered in wider widths.

    The brands Itzy Bitzy and Little Soles are great for orthotics. Bugaboo is also a nice, wider and flexible brand. But, I believe Little Soles and Bugaboo are on hiatus now preparing designs for next season. you might be able to find them at discount sites, however.

    Hope that helps! Happy shopping!

  4. You asked for advice so hear it is. I know there are stride rite outlets-weve purchased them in TX and N Ga outlets. These fit our little one the best. Shes had three different styles and I cant wait get more.(weve outgrown the last ones) The Mary Janes and Tennis shoes we both bought have held up extremely well and have velcro.

  5. I love love LOVE See Kai Run shoes. They're really nice leather, really soft soles (especially ones that have the stitched-on soles as opposed to the more square ones- you'll see the difference if you look) and they're oober cute. My FAV site for shoes is and they're even having free shipping right now. I have a pair of Pediped's (they're a size too big still, but ya know) that I really do like- especially since they have an insert that gives you more wiggle room for sizing- but they do seem to be on the more narrow side, if that's a factor for you. We have lots of Stride Rites, too. Do you have a Nordstrom Rack by you? They can have GREAT deals if you catch it right.

    PS- does this sound like I'm a little shoe-obsessed? 'Cause I'm not. Or maybe I am... Just don't tell my husband... ;)

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. Check out Vans. They've worked for us.

  7. Actually, we found some great little shoes at Payless. They are white with a pink tongue and very shiny sides, little tennis shoes. They fit my two year old, that has Ds, perfectly. She likes them. As soon as we put them on her, she started running! They gave great support but were very flexible on the bottom. I have used Stride Rite with my other children and like them too.

    Tina in TX