Friday, October 21, 2011

We Got Shoes On Sale!

Last Friday I asked for help in the shoe department and you guys responded with great ideas! Unfortunately, wasn't having anything on a great sale and so I just kept looking. Luckily, HauteLook happened to have a great Stride Rite sale today!!!!

Check out these cuties:
This is Karlee ($26) and she is a my favorite!  I fell in love with her when I took Sweet Pea to the shoe store last week.  Sweet Pea really loved them too so I'm excited for them to arrive!

And we had to pick a sneaker also so here is Carlota Sparkle ($21.50):

And Angel couldn't be left out...especially since Sweet Pea's shoes in her size are wides and Angel isn't so she got these cute Maddy Mary Janes ($25):

If anyone likes Stride Rite shoes, you should check out HauteLook today! The sale goes through Monday but they often sell out of the cutest shoes first.  To see their deals you have to sign up as a member, but membership is free and very easy to do.  Have fun shopping!


  1. I'm am awaiting the AWESOME creepers I got for R. They should arrive any day now.