Monday, November 29, 2010

She's Learning to Stand!

I need to apologize for being so behind on my posts!  I hope to catch up this week, but I'm not promising anything.  There is a ton to share, so hopefully I will get to it soon.

Here is a quick post to share our excitement that Sweet Pea is starting to learn to stand on her own!  She has been standing with support for a long time now, but this past weekend when we were up at my parents cabin in our local mountains she decided that it was time to try to stand on her own. 

Below are a couple videos of her attempting.  You can tell that this is a skill that she has a lot more work to do in order to achieve, but she is very motivated and is loving the feeling of it as you can tell from her huge smile!  I'm thinking she may accomplish this faster than I think.  Just look at the change in the first two days of her working on it!

First day (Friday, Nov. 26):

Second Day (Saturday, Nov. 27):

Way to go Sweet Pea!  We are cheering for you to be standing by yourself some day soon!  We love you!!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bubbles With Mommy

I've got a few videos that I think hope you will enjoy.  Since Sweet Pea's Grandmother will be arriving on Wednesday night and I've got 4 videos I'll roll one out a day to tide her over until she can see her little granddaughter in person.

Video 1: Do you think she likes bubbles?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Cruisin'

Not the best pictures to capture it, but she is officially cruising...and on everything!  She will even switch between heights of furniture and directions.  Way to go Sweet Pea!

What is the big deal?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun at the Park

You can call me a slacker all you want!  I've been taking a breather from the blog for a few days, but I do have a number of things to share so hopefully there will be a few posts this week as time permits.  Here is the first post for those of you craving a video fix of Sweet Pea...

Daddy and I took Sweet Pea to the park on Sunday and this time I captured video of her climbing and supported walking.  She is cruising all around these days and just loving her new mobility.  I can only imagine her excitement when she doesn't need our help and can really get into trouble all on her own!

The first video is of her doing the easier set of steps and then going down the slide and walking back to the steps.  She crawls over to the slide now and always seems to be leaning very far forward before her feet are facing forward so I'm afraid she is going to go head first one of these days.  I really love that Daddy was able to go with us because it makes it a lot more fun for all of us!

The second video is of her attempting to climb the very steep steps that are more like climbing a ladder.  We wanted to video this so that we had something to compare to in a few months when she gets much better at this more challenging set of stairs:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ear Tube Surgery a Success!

Thank you for all the positive thoughts today!  They worked!  She did great!  I really wasn't worried, but it is always good when things go as planned.

The morning started much too early for my tastes...I got her out of her crib at 5am and tried to transfer her to the car while still sleeping, but she decided it was time to wake up.  She woke up in a great mood though and was a joy all the way up to the hospital.  We had to get there 1.5 hours before our surgery was scheduled to start and we were actually a little earlier than that due to very light traffic at that hour.

Here she is playing with Grandma while we waited to be called back:

A happy little girl at 6am!

Working on our fine motor skills with Grandma's sticker:

She had so much energy that we decided to literally walk some of it off:

Sweet Pea all dressed and ready to go...but they were no where near ready for her so we waited...

And waited:

And waited...

It really wasn't that long of a wait, but for a girl that wants to be on the move it was an eternity.  We tried to give her some medicine that was to help sedate her, but she refused it and since the alternative was for me to go back with her and stay with her while they sedated her I thought that was a better choice.  They took us back right about 7:30 and I sang to her (poor girl hears my bad signing all too often, but luckily she doesn't mind) while she drifted off with the laughing gas.  I kissed her goodbye and left the OR.  Grandma and I waited for just over 40 minutes until the ENT doctor came in to tell us that all went well.  He had tried to get the next size up tube in, but her ears were just too small and he couldn't do it.  Maybe by the next time they will be able to, but we will see.  He said that there was a lot of fluid in her ears so she should be able to hear much better now.  We were then escorted back to see her and as I enter the hallway I hear a child crying very loudly and ask if that is Sweet Pea...sure enough!  They said that she woke up really quickly from the sedation and that often when that happens they have a harder time coming out of it.  She kicked and cried and was very unhappy for about 15 minutes before she started to open her eyes and really come out of it.  By the time the 15 minutes were over she was beyond exhausted and crashed out in my arms.

When she woke up she was a bit groggy, but overall in a good mood.  We gave her a little formula and then were discharged.  We were on the way home by 9:30am which wasn't bad at all!  Grandma was nice enough to babysit for the day so that Sweet Pea didn't have to go to daycare and could have a more peaceful and calm day.  She did great all day and even handled the prescription drops in her ears tonight very well.  We enjoyed the couple of days off from the drops, but now we have to do them in both ears twice a day.  Instructions included no shampooing for 2 weeks so we need to try to keep her a little cleaner than normal during meal time so that her hair doesn't get completely gross.  Not easy to do, but we shall try.

Thank you again for all the positive thoughts!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ear Tube Surgery Tomorrow (Tuesday)

Please think positive thoughts for Sweet Pea tomorrow.  Her surgery is scheduled for 7:30am and we are supposed to check in by 6am tomorrow.  I'm hoping for an uneventful day!