Saturday, October 30, 2010

31 for 21 Day 30: Progress in the Park

This afternoon Daddy and I took Sweet Pea to the park for a short bit.  We started with our typical swings...

We (ok, more me than Daddy) then decided to make Sweet Pea work a little and take advantage of the stairs that are at the park.  She doesn't get much practice climbing and it is certainly a skill that she needs to master so I try to take the opportunities when they come.  Having an extra set of hands for spotting was wonderful too...although we didn't even need it!  She was a pro and just got faster and faster!  She would climb up the stairs...I would be at the top waiting for her...she would use me to stand up...we would cheer and hug...I'd lift her over to the slide and push her off...she would slide down to her Daddy who was waiting at the bottom...Daddy would take her back to the stairs to do it again and again and again!

Before we left we decided to try the more advanced set of stairs...these were more like a ladder.  Sweet Pea had no fear and went right to town on them.  Daddy obviously helped on these, but she was working hard and knew what to do.

Daddy and I are EXTREMELY proud of our little girl.  She is making such great strides and working very hard in the process.  Way to go Sweet Pea!  You will be loving the park even more once you are really mobile!

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