Thursday, September 16, 2010

Juppy Baby Walker - Product Review

I don't know how many times I've heard people tell me that Sweet Pea (my daughter with Down syndrome) shouldn't use a typical baby walker (you know the kind that they sit in and have wheels) because it teaches them improper walking form, safety issues, etc. If I hear it again I really might scream! So, when I saw this product, the Juppy Baby Walker The Juppy Baby Walker (Pink-Full Lining), I had to get my hands on it and see how it worked. The company was kind enough to send me one to review for you all here!

What is the Juppy Baby Walker?
The Juppy Baby Walker is a non traditional, parent-assisted baby walker used to teach babies how to walk sooner while minimizing dangerous falls. The baby is placed in the seat of the Juppy while mom or dad simply holds on to the straps, while standing upright, to give support to the baby. Typically parents tend to hold their babies by the hands or under the arms to teach them to walk. This causes stress and strain on the lower back of the parent and could cause injuries to the child's arms or joints. The Juppy Baby Walker reduces your pain and eliminates possible injury to your child.

Since children with Down syndrome tend to have looser joints it is especially important to guard against any unintended injuries.  Additionally, by not having the child hold onto your hands you are allowing them to use their arms to help balance like they will be when they are walking without your assistance.  This will not only solve the issue of the child becoming dependent on the parents help (where they refuse to try to stand without holding on to you) but will also allow you to slowly lessen the support that they are receiving without them even noticing!

The package is very cute and makes carrying it around very simple and fashionable.  I can see this becoming a permanent addition in my diaper bag so that I have it when I'm at the park, play dates, doctors offices, anywhere that she is wanting to try to walk, but isn't ready yet.  Definitely can't take a typical baby walker with you!  The product comes in either blue or pink

Sweet Pea is just starting to enjoy standing for extended periods of time (1-2 minutes) at the age of 17 months.  I am not expecting her to be trying to walk for a few months still, but I think that this product will also help her learn to stand without needing me to be hunched over supporting her.  I'm pregnant and not looking forward to trying to hold her upright as my belly grows.  The Juppy Baby Walker might just solve that issue!  As you can see in the photos of Sweet Pea below, she is actively watching her feet and figuring out what to do and she can't do that in typical walkers.  Her arms are also free to move as she wants to help her learn to balance on her own without holding onto someone as a crutch.

I'm very excited to have my own Juppy Baby walker as it has already become a staple in my diaper bag.  It's very small and folds up neatly into a little silk bag that it ships with.  The one thing I would change about it would be to have the Juppy be able to fold into an attached pocket so that I didn't need to keep track of the bag, but that is a minor inconvenience for the ease of travel and use with this product.  Here is a picture of it inside the bag...after my using it so you know that it really does go back into the bag:

Here is a video that Juppy has put together showing the Baby Walker in use.  I highly recommend this to anyone who expects to have to work a lot with their child in order to get them ready to walk independently.  I know this is going to save me!

If you want a Juppy Baby Walker for yourself or for a friend you can purchase it through Amazon and if you do it from the link below a portion of the profits that this site makes will be donated to Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation (DSRTF).


  1. We have one of those too! Max isn't even quite standing, so I let a friend borrow it for a bit. But I really think it will help. I kept forgetting to take it to PT and see what they thought, before I lent it out.

  2. Wouldnt this be great for the orphanage where our little G was raised..... they have several little ones of varying needs that could find benefit from something like this......

  3. Oh I think I might need to get one of these! This might save my back a little bit. Emily won't be walking for a little while yet, but I guess I need to get prepared!

  4. We use both a walker and something similar to a Juppy at therapy. I have heard about walkers not being good for early walkers but even Pat Winders uses one during our therapy. I have been looking to buy one of these though because Lucas loves it!

  5. I'm keeping all of these things in the back of my brain for Makayla. Jax will never do any of this stuff, so its still new to me!

  6. Um,I wonder if it would be anything close to being appropriate for Miss Z.Her needs are fairly extensive but I am so determined to get this child on her feet that I just might have to try it.And besides ... it is super cute!

    Hope you are feeling well and Sweet Pea is of course, looking darling as ever!

  7. This looks awesome! I'll have to keep it in mind once Claire is older!

  8. What a geat idea! Baby walkers with wheels have been banned in Canada for over 20 yrs. They caused too many injuries. You can only buy the ones that are stationary. This seems much safer.