Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Fun: Music and Water

In Sweet Pea's world, a weekend that involves both music and water is pretty much a great weekend!

Saturday started off with Auntie R giving Sweet Pea a music lesson.  This girl has skills, but she also has no concept of playing gently.  Here is a fun video:

With the heat wave that we are having (it's a whole 81 degrees here so we are baking (yes, we know we are spoiled)) we decided that it was the perfect time to break out the water table again.  I'm not sure if Sweet Pea enjoyed the water in the table more or if she preferred when it was all over Daddy, but either way, she had a great time!  Here is video proof:

And a few photos to boot:

Her clothes were soaked and making her cold so we stripped her down to her diaper and let the fun continue:

Watch me dump this cold water right on Daddy's lap without him realizing that I'm doing it on purpose:


  1. Very cute! Thanks for always posting great videos and pics. We miss you guys and hopefully we'll be able to visit you soon! Love you all!!!

  2. son Cody ( ds ) has the same glasses as sweet pea but you seem to be able to keep them up on her nose better than we do. Any hints for me ? Cody I belive is also around the same age as your little girl 17mts. Sue ( NY)