Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun Sunday

Sweet Pea is so much fun these days.  Every day there is something fun and adorable that she does.  Today there was another new good trick, beyond the good and bad ones I mentioned in the last post.  I asked Sweet Pea to crawl to lunch from her bedroom and she started out by impressing me by squeezing through between the chair and ottoman.  Not that it was the best route, but it certainly was the most direct and she did make it.  Then she got up on her hands and knees and actually crawled all the way across the living room to the kitchen!  This is the first time she has crawled more than a few feet!  Her right leg was still tripod-ed out, but her PT isn't too worried about that. 

As promised here is the video that our house guest, Crazy Aunt R, captured this morning.  Sweet Pea loves to be tickled!

And some cute photos of Daddy and Sweet Pea playing in the tunnel:


  1. the laughing is so sweet! our maggie absolutely loves to be tickled too! and that is so impressive that she can already stack the rings, we are not quite there yet!