Friday, September 3, 2010

Positive GI Appt

Grandma and Mommy took Sweet Pea to visit the GI on Thursday.  The main topic Mommy wanted covered were the results from the stomach emptying test.  Guess what?!?!  She passed!  My little girl finally passed a test!  Ok, so she has passed tests before, but not as often as I would like.  Come on, what mother doesn't want her child passing EVERY test?  Anyway, her results were within the normal range so there is nothing to worry about there.  Yippee!  We could not be happier!

Aside from that we discussed reflux medications and are going to keep with the 20mg Nexium for a month and see how she is doing.  If things are going well then we can try to drop it to 10mg.  I guess the typical dosage is 1-2 mg per kg so she is at 2 mg which is higher than we would like, but not the end of the world in the short term.  We are really hoping that her reflux starts getting better the more she strengthens her core by standing and other activity.

The other key item was that the GI wants most of her calories coming from food.  The issue with that is that she won't eat enough in any given meal so the formula is our way of sneaking in some extra calories.  We will continue to try to get her to eat more and more, but not worry too much about it.  She is gaining weight and that is what we want!

We are spending the weekend up in our local mountains and it is beautiful up here!  Makes me not want to go home!  No pictures until we return since I'm not on my regular computer, but I'll try to take some good ones over the weekend so there should be lots to share when we get home.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!  Sweet Pea sends a big kiss to all!