Sunday, March 7, 2010

Videos and then some

Not much to update you on this past week.

Therapies went ok, but not great.  She really loves her infant stimulation session and Ms. Kelly let us borrow her Rody for the week.  Sweet Pea played on one months ago and loved it and she still loves it.  It's hard to get a picture of her on it since I have to help her stay upright, but you should get the idea from these shots.  It's an inflatable horse that is great for working on balance...and for playing.  We want to take a little air out of this one and get it so that it is the right height for her to sit with her feet flat on the floor.  Haven't done it yet so probably won't, but that is what we were thinking of doing at least.

PT was the typical fight, but at least it started off ok.  Here she is sitting on a stool that her PT brought:

That picture reminds me of something we don't have her in metallic blue biker shorts (a la 1990).  Those are called Hip Helpers and they help her to keep her legs together because the legs are sewn together to the knees.  They make it so that she can't do the splits to get from sitting to laying.  She has started doing that more so we are trying to break her of the habit.  The other benefit of these is that it forces her to keep her legs straighter when she is sitting so it works the core more.  To see what I mean, sit on the floor with your legs bent and knees sticking outward...pretty easy right?  Now sit with your legs straight out in front of you...harder.  We didn't leave them on during much of the therapy session, but we do need to try to remember to put them on her at other times.  It's been so cold this week that we haven't been very good about it since you can't wear pants over them. 

Sweet Pea is still a bit sick so we are switching meds tonight in hopes that we can kick this cough in time for ear tubes on Wednesday.  I'm really not holding my breath, but any positive thoughts you could send would be great!

Here are a few videos that you might enjoy...

If you didn't know, Sweet Pea has become a bit of a drama queen and every once in a while she will put her hand up to her forehead and get this forlorn look on her face.  I was mimicking her and she got the biggest kick out of it...

This is her just laughing again at Mommy trying to be a circus monkey and keep Sweet Pea entertained...

Daddy was making Mommy laugh here and Sweet Pea was being a good sport about it all.  Try to excuse the background noise.  We thought of muting it, but it's just not the same without the blah blah blahs.

Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I think that Sweet Pea has really gotten the sign "more".  It's not perfect...but it is definitely there.  Do you agree?

I'll keep everyone posted on the surgery or the postponement if that is what ends up happening.  I'm really hoping not, but we shall see.


  1. Can we trade hip helpers?! We have hot pink ones!! LOL

    I definitely think she is signing more!!! She's adorable!!

  2. She is just so cute, I love that she is signing more!

  3. What an absolutely fabulous little girl!
    Consider us smitten!

    The Bernard Bunch

  4. She's definitely signing! you guys are funny, thanks for posting these and helping us keep up with you guys! love ya!

  5. she is totally signing! that's so exciting!! after the first couple Tyler really started taking off. the first few are really tough to get started...