Monday, March 15, 2010

March 21 - World Down Syndrome Day - Post 2

Here are more of DSALA's 21 quotes for 21 days...

I have to be honest here...reading some of these made my heart sing while reading others made it sink.  It's still hard for me to think that Sweet Pea won't have a "typical" life.  I just hope with all my heart and soul that her life is one that SHE truly enjoys.  Things are definitely going to be harder for her and her Daddy and I would do anything for that not to be the case.  However, that is life and we are continuing to learn to deal with it.

Day 5
"Michael do it too!  Yes I can!"

Michael Chambers
Age: 5 years

Day 6
Steve was addressing a class for Special Ed Teachers at Azusa Pacific University. As a guest speaker, and his opening line was...

"Hi, my name is Steve Vaughn and people say that I am Mentally Retarded, but I am Down syndrome!"

Steven Vaughn
Age 47 at time of quote

Day 7
When Sara voted in her first election she was asked how she voted.  She answered...


Sara Layman
Age: 20 years

Day 8
At the end of an excruciatingly non-productive session with her speech pathologist, and mom at wit's end because she simply didn't feel like cooperating today, she finally blurts out...

"So... what's the problem?"

Angelica Trujillo
Age: 5 years

Day 9
When asked if he had enjoyed the whole grain pasta at dinner...

"It was like a party in my mouth!"

Kevin Ewing
Age: 28 years

Day 10
"We... ought to love... one another"

Eric Carter
Age: 6 1/2 years

Saying and signing his Bible Verse at Awana Club at Church.  He remembers his verses longer than may of his typical peers.

Day 11
"When I look into the mirror I see a wonderful, beautiful face looking back at me and I know I can tackle everything!"

Lauren Potter
Age 19 years

Lauren plays Becky Jackson on the Fox show "Glee."  She is scheduled to appear on two up coming episodes: "The Power of Madonna" currently scheduled for 4/20/10 and "Home" not yet scheduled.

Day 12
James wanted the dollar amount for filling his lawnmower gas cans divided in two.  When asked "What do you mean?" he answered...

"You know, mathematics!"

James E. Coleman
Age: 51 years, going on 52

Day 13
During a private art lesson when her teacher tried to help, Yasmine admonished her with her finger and said...

"I am the artist and you are the teacher!"

Yasmine Harrison
Age: 9 years

Day 14
“Down Syndrome means that you learn slow and it is very hard to keep up I know I have been there as I was growing up. I had a lot of help with my family and their support. I had tutors to help me to achieve my goals.  So can you because I believe in you. YOU CAN DO IT with extra support or your family and friends. They can help you make your dreams come true and never give up. Go For Your Dream and achieve."

Andrea Friedman
Age 39 and proudly going on 40

Day 15
"I do job training at the Marriott Hotel at Warner Center.  I do cleaning windows, gym and in the kitchen. I like the food at the Marriott.  They have good lunch!  Soon I will finish High School. I would like to be a zoo keeper."

Adinan Shrek
Age: 20 years

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