Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21 - World Down Syndrome Day - Post 3

Today is 3/21...World Down Syndrome Day...that's right...because of the three 21st chromosomes that those with DS have.  I hope you enjoy this final installment of the DSALA 21 quotes for 21 days...

Day 16:
When I mentioned that my new baby - about three weeks old
had Down syndrome, he smiled at me and said:

"Really? That's cool!"

Nothing anyone else could have said to me at that time
could have made me feel any better!

Submitted by Melissa Skavlem,
Quote by unknown bagger at the Cincinnati Kroger Store.

Day 17:
As he knelt down to give his dog the last morsel of meat he whispered,

"bon appetite"

Matthew Von Der Ahe
Age:  9 years

(Whoes parents were told once in an IEP that Matthew was uneducable.)
C'est la vie, non?

Day 18:
To her critically ill grandmother
 "Gram, God is preparing a room for you in heaven."
Then a few minutes later,
"How long does it take God to prepare a room?"

Christine Young
Age: 37

Day 19:
 "No, I love you more!"

Response to mom when she says she loves her.

Camryn Sarah Duncan
Age: 7

Day 20:
"I'm done with the extra chromosome,
 I want the doctor to take it out."

Mom responsed, "Well okay, but you will have to go to a different school
and Casey Powell won't be your best friend anymore."

"Okay then, I'll keep it!"

Blair Williamson
At age 19, now 30 and Casey is still his best friend.

Day 21:
"When I grow up I be God."
Mom explains he can't be God.

"Okay, then you be God.
When I grow up I be Rock Star!"

Jonathan Psaute
Age 5

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