Friday, March 26, 2010

On the mend?

It appears that Sweet Pea is on the mend!  Her temperature has remained just under 100 for most of the day.  She has been fussy, but not too bad.  We didn't give her any Tylenol or Motrin, but we did give her the antibiotics and some homeopathic teething tablets as it appears that she has two teeth coming on each side of her two bottom teeth...her only two teeth to date.  We sure hope something comes in on the top, but I'm good with them being delayed until the breast feeding is over.

We are going to start the ear drops again in her right ear as there was drainage there yesterday and when we spoke to our regular pediatrician this afternoon she thought it was a good idea.  She has certainly been pulling at that ear so we get to deal with the fun of keeping her on her side for at least 5 minutes while the drops hopefully work their way into her ear.  Mommy & Daddy have had to be creative with what is on the bus to make "Wheels on the Bus" last over 5 minutes!

Looks like we are going to have to pass on a 1st birthday party celebration with some mommies that I met during my pregnancy as we don't want to potentially infect the 4 other babies that are turning 1.  It's sad that we won't be able to celebrate our kiddos birthdays all together, but I would feel terrible if Sweet Pea got one of them sick!  Hopefully Sweet Pea will be healthy by her actual birthday on Monday and especially for her party next weekend.

Thank you for all the positive thoughts!  We might actually get a good night sleep tonight...I sure hope I didn't just jinx it!


  1. Sure hopes she's back to 100% by her birthday.
    FYI - Just posted some more PT stuff on my blog. If you want a copy of any of the handouts, just email me :)

  2. Glad to hear she's feeling better:) Sorry that she'll miss out on the b-day fun with her friends....but it's important to have her feeling well for her big day! Landon was sick for his 1st b-day (a 2 for 1 with his baptism).....we couldn't back out however as we had a reception at a function hall! Poor thing was miserable:(

    BTW, thanks for your comment!! We have been trying faithfully to get Landon to eat something other than (smooth Stage 2 foods), he definitely has an oral sensory issue! Today was such a breakthrough!! Like you said, we have to embrace those moments, no matter how short-lived:) He has taken things in the past for a day or two so I am keeping my fingers crossed that we forge ahead!! lol

  3. Hey I hope Sweet pea is feeling better for good now. I gave you an award, you can find it at my blog. :-)