Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pity Party is Over

Thank you EVERYONE for your wonderful words of support and encouragement and for making me feel like I'm not a terrible mommy for feeling this way!

Is it possible for two days to BE any more different?  (Yes, Crazy Aunt R, that is a Chandler style quote)

I definitely woke up this morning feeling better (emotionally and physically) and Sweet Pea greeted me with a huge smile and a big hug.  We certainly enjoyed our morning together before I had to go to work and it was a wonderful way to start the day.  Grandma says she had a great OT session today with a little whimpering, but no real tears!  How thrilled was I to hear that!!!!  And when I picked her up from daycare and saw that she had bananas in her cereal,  green beans and 3 full 6oz bottles...well...I was just blown away!  We've been trying to get her to eat bananas for a few weeks now since they are one of the 3 fruits she is now allowed.  Hasn't happened until today!  Yippee!!!  Then the best part of it all was when we sat down to eat dinner, I pulled out a jar of chicken noodle baby food and scooped way more out than I thought she would eat...then heated it up too much and so I added more from the jar to cool it down faster so then there was probably 4 times what I expected her to eat in the dish.  Well, she ate all of it and then finished the rest of the jar too!  And had a bunch of puffs and even tried some of our homemade baked french fries!  She loved them!  Yes, she is mommy's little girl after all!  She was in the best mood and making some hilarious faces so I had to try to document some of the fun we were having...

Does anyone know if antibiotics will kill an appetite?  Today is her first day off drugs (besides the Prevacid) in weeks and that is the only thing that I can think of that might be helping our cause.  If so, then I'm thrilled!  If not, well, I won't argue and I just hope that her desire to eat lasts more than one day and that we can make up for some lost time.  I'd like her to be at least at her 17lbs 3oz weight that she was at about 8 weeks ago when we go for the 1 year visit on her birthday.  Less than 2 weeks so we shall see!

This morning I got this little clip of Sweet Pea playing in her Circle of Neglect:

I took the advice of Meredith from Chase and More and wrote a list today of all the things I love about Sweet Pea.  I know I'm missing a ton, but not a bad little list to get me through the next tough day...
  • Her can light up a room
  • Her beautiful blue eyes...I'm biased as they are my eyes...and my moms and my grandpas and...
  • Her adorable little laugh
  • Her ability to bring a smile to random strangers faces as well as to all the rest of us
  • Her little hands and feet
  • Her super soft skin
  • How she falls asleep while she is feeding off me at night
  • How sweet she looks asleep on my chest
  • How completely relaxed and at peace she is when she sleeps
  • Her excitement when she is pleased with herself
  • How she stops in her tracks when her mommy or daddy start singing to her even though our voices aren't very good
  • How she loves zerberts when we are changing her diaper and the giggles that ensue
  • How cute she looks when she claps or waves
  • The many looks she can give...the drama queen, the wise old man, the I'm sorry, the pout, the boo-boo face, etc.
  • How she tucks her legs up under her fluffy bum when we put her to sleep on her belly sometimes
  • How she grabs onto her blanket and rubs it against her face as I lay her down in her crib when she is mostly asleep
  • Her fascination with hats on her mommy or daddy
  • How she sleeps through the night when she is healthy
  • How cute she looks in her adorable outfits and anything pink
  • How sweet and cute her babbling is
  • How tolerant she is of taking her Prevacid each morning and how good she was about the ear drops and her antibiotics...poor girl has had to take way too much medicine in the past few months
  • How she can read her mommy and know just when I need a cuddle
  • Her uncanny ability to listen to a doctors orders (they say start pooping...she starts pooping, they say start eating...she starts eating).  We just need the doctor to always tell her...she doesn't listen to mommy and daddy...I can't wait until she is a teenager!  ;-)
Daddy even got in on this and made his own list:
  • I love her smile.
  • I love her laugh.
  • I love her perfect little hands, feet and ears (the outside of her ears are perfect at least).
  • I love girls' clothes, she's so cute in all her pink outfits.
  • I love her shy laugh (where I'm holding her and she turns her head and snuggles into my chest and neck while she laughs).
  • I love that she's happy even when she's sick or uncomfortable.
  • I love that she's gone from a deer-in-the-headlights to a total ham in front of the camera.
  • I love when she reaches for me to pick her up and that I have the power to make it all better, whatever the problem is. That's not going to last forever.
  • I love how unbelievably cute she is when she's asleep.
  • I love that she exists, because that means that I, the man who doesn't like anyone, met a girl who was hot enough, funny enough, sexy enough, smart enough, crazy enough (but not too crazy!), and just all around awesome enough for me to fall in love with and want to go on this crazy adventure with. We didn't get the life we wanted or planned on, but we're going to make the best of it and it WILL turn out great, you'll see. (Mommy teared up again reading hubby really does love this crazy woman)
That's about it for the day.  Thank you again to everyone that was uber supportive and I really hope I don't have another day like yesterday, but I know that my hubby, Sweet Pea and you all will be there for me if I do.  Thank you!!!!


    1. Your little Sweet Pea is so darned cute! You know from my blog that I'm SoCal too . . . maybe we could hook up. Feel free to email me if you want; my email address is in the sidebar of my blog :)

    2. Pity parties are good.Cheap therapy I like to think.The key is how long we stay at our pity parties and from the sounds of it ... you blew out early.And,on top of it,you followed with an encore Happy Dance Party with today's post.

      Love the pictures.Sweet Pea is precious.Thank you for the emails that in turn allowed me to join in on your parties ... pity and otherwise!

    3. Pity parties are OK as long as you can look on the bright side after, its not always an easy road but it is the one God has choosen for us (very well worth it I may add). Your little one is an absolute doll, I love her glasses and all of the things you and your husband wrote about her.

    4. I'm glad you're feeling better. I just want to warn daddy he needs to enjoy the pink outfits because there might come a day when the darn kid gets her own opinion and won't wear pink or cute little outfits anymore. The nerve of them to have a mind of their own!


    5. "The Circle of Neglect"--hahaha!! I love it! Miss B has the exact same one (we used it with her brothers too)

      I'm glad I'm not the only one with the pity parties!

      I think the Yahoo group idea is a good one--I'll have to try it out!

      Thanks for being an blogging friend--with out my fellow bloggers, my pity parties would probably last much much longer!

    6. Wow...there is a lot to this one! (and i'm going backwards so i haven't even gotten to the pity party! but yes, I was there for a bit of it, and i LOVE seeing this wonderful post after such a tough day/night!)

      Ok, "Circle of Neglect" OMG! I was laughing out loud literally and my eyes teared up! WAY too funny! And we used ours to "contain" Tyler until he was basically leaning his way out of it! hehe

      Those pictures of her are priceless! They remind me of my favs I look of Tyler. All at one sitting, just such an expressive moment and we caught them. Woo Hoo! She is just absolutely adorable!

      The lists were wonderful...and a daddy list?? So amazing! He may have a tough time once in a while but boy does he love you guys! Another one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. :)