Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ear Plugs Advice Needed

Sweet Pea had ear tubes placed 2 weeks ago and the whole process was really smooth.  We just had her follow up appointment with the ENT today and the great news is that the ear infections and fluid are gone!!!!!!  We had noticed an uptick in her babbling and so we had high hopes that all was good, but it was definitely good to hear it from the doctor.  He gave us this ear putty to use as ear plugs.  He molded it into a Hershey kiss shape and then put it in her ear and pushed it down.  It stayed for maybe 5 seconds!  When I expressed my concern he very casually told me that we would have to put the ear plugs in and then I should have my husband put his hands over her ears while we put her head under the faucet to wash her hair.  What?!?!?!  This man is a very sweet man, but he must be losing his marbles!  What happened to fun bath time?  What happened to swimming?  What happened to being a kid?

I'm looking for any advice that I can get at this point.  Are there any tricks that you know of to help keep the darn things in so that I can wash her hair?  She doesn't have much now, but I really hope that will be changing eventually!

I've been reading that swimming may not be an issue without the plugs as long as it is not more than 2 or 6 ft under the water because the pressure can cause more water to enter the ear at that point I guess.  Soapy water though is a consistent no no.  So maybe we can still enjoy a little pool in our backyard this summer, but have to figure out something for the bath?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


  1. A little mom confession... I don't use soap in the bath with Kimani. I hardly ever have. Warm water seems to get her clean enough and I don't have to worry about soap in her mouth or ears. And it gets worse... I still have the very same bottle of Aveeno baby wash that I bought for my first baby six years ago... there is about a third left in it three kids later. I have never been much for babies and soap.

  2. Hello...thanks for visiting my blog. How fun that "Sweet Pea" and Ella share the same birthday and I see that we both live in SoCal. Please email me so we can chat more..I want to see if we are close enough to get together sometime. Your daughter is so adorable and I can't wait to delve further in to your blog. My email is adjvollmer@aol.com

  3. we just use warm water in the tub too and I lather her little head separate. Also, Marissa is 18 mo and still HATES going under water so I'd definitely invest in a baby pool for the summer months. Chances are she won't be taking a dive anytime soon.

  4. You should email our SBSDA group about this!