Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Part 1

Too many photos from today to get through so here is what happened yesterday...because you know two days of Halloween is better than one!  Sweet Pea had a parade and party at preschool and Angel got a chance to go with Grandma to story time at our library.  Princesses were a last minute costume change as it had been so hot here so we raided our dress up box and found these.  The girls LOVED them!

Before school photo shoot

Class photo before parade:

The beginning of the parade...excited, but she has no idea what is coming:

Did she really put candy in my bag?

Mommy!  I got candy!!!!!

Constantly checking on her growing stash:

Enjoying the noodle bowl and tongs during the Halloween party.  I was impressed she could work the tongs...and she figured it out all on her own!

And we can't forget Angel!

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