Monday, October 15, 2012

Terry Brown Podcast

As you recall from an early post this month I am a fan of a number of reading teachers and techniques that are available to our kids with Down Syndrome.  One of those teachers is Terry Brown (So Happy To Learn) who was a guest this weekend on Yvonne Pierre's podcast.  You can listen to it here or since it's an MP3 you can download it and listen to it on your own schedule as it is about an hour long.  Listening to this podcast is definitely not the same as attending one of her seminars, but I think this podcast is great for parents and educators that aren't able to attend a seminar in person!  I've attended Terry Brown's seminar twice and I still enjoyed listening this podcast in which Terry Brown speaks about reading, writing and math.

Next weeks podcast is with Gail Williamson of Down Syndrome in Arts and Media.  Gail is a wonderful advocate for individuals with DS and I will certainly be listening to this one also.

You can also hear some prior Yvonne Pierre podcasts on a variety of topics.  To see a list of some available recording here


  1. Oh, awesome!! Terry Brown taught Samantha to read a couple of years ago, although not in person. I LOVE her. Can't wait to listen to it when I'm back on a computer with speakers. :-)

    Hope you don't mind me sharing this info on my blog, as well!