Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bubble Mania

This past Sunday Sweet Pea was lucky enough to participate in a Bubble Mania show.  It was another event hosted by our amazing Friendship Circle so she was paired up with a high school buddy, D***, to help her enjoy the afternoon.  I had brought Angel with us so I stuck around which caused a little bit of an issue, but Sweet Pea quickly learned that D*** was more fun to hang out with than Mommy.  She had a great time as I think these photos will show...

This is Sweet Pea with her friend D*** watching the show:

They made rainbow shapes with the bubble and had Sweet Pea, D***, and some others stand under the rainbow.  Sweet Pea was not impressed, but I was:

This was the best...they stood in a dry bucket inside the pool that was filled with bubble solution and the guy made a big bubble come up over them:

Close up...she still wasn't impressed, but I again was:

At the end of the show they let Angel go inside the bubble.  At least she was impressed!

After the show they went outside to play with bubbles themselves and Sweet Pea had a great time.  This is one instance where she is a hands on girl.  Most things she is happy watching, but you will see the joy all over her face in these photos:

Thanks D*** and Friendship Circle for a great afternoon!

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