Monday, October 15, 2012

Club 21 Walkathon

I can't find the words to express what Club 21 means to Sweet Pea and our entire family.  It's been a place that has given me such immense hope for Sweet Pea's future.  If I hadn't attended so many of their programs over the past few years I am not sure that I would be so optimistic about what Sweet Pea can and will accomplish.  Club 21 is an amazing place and they need our help to continue to provide such wonderful programs as their Tools for the Journey Conference, Sibshops, Learning Program, Every Child a Reader, Lose the Training Wheels Bike Camp, First Steps, Educational Pathways, Mod Pod and so much more!  Club 21 is about inclusion in all aspects of life and they help so many families make inclusion a reality...and even more importantly...they make inclusion successful!

Club 21's big fundraiser of the year is a walkathon.  We aren't able to attend this year due to conflicting schedules, but we would love to show our support to an organization that has shown their support of Sweet Pea and so many others that have come before and that will follow after us.  Sweet Pea is fundraising for their walkathon and would greatly appreciate anything you can give!  Her fundraising page is:

Sweet Pea might look like she is chillin', but she is checking her fundraising page to make sure her peeps are supporting her...

Club 21 is a 501c3 non-profit so save your donation receipt for tax time!

To see a glimpse of what Club 21 is all about you can check out this video that makes you laugh and cry, but above all, gives hope:

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