Friday, October 19, 2012

Life Skills

Getting dressed is an important life skill so we are working on it.  I gave Sweet Pea her pullups, showed her which side was the front, told her to put them on and then to put on her pants which I then placed across the room in hopes to make the sequence easier to follow.  I had to leave to get Angel out of her crib and when I came back...this is what I saw:

He he he...

I'm trying to pull them up Mommy, but they just won't go:

If I hide my face Mommy won't know I'm here and maybe she will leave:

Mommy...why are you still here documenting this?!?!

We will keep working on it.  This is actually a step forward since she normally opts to go bottomless altogether!  This isn't something I am worried about as I know that one day I will be able to give her a pile of clothes and she will put them on correctly...just not today.

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