Saturday, October 20, 2012

Great Share: Teaching Your Child About Disability

A friend brought this great post to my attention and I wanted to share it with you.  I worry about how Sweet Pea's peers will interact with her as their development gap grows and how I can help other parents to explain why Sweet Pea is the way that she is.  I don't want her friends to pity her, but I want her friends to understand and support her.  As I type "friends" I am starting to tear up a little as I can only hope and pray that she has actual friends.  Deep down I believe that she will, but kids can be so cruel and I fear what she will have to experience!  I hope that by being fully included in school from age 3 it will help her forms bonds with her peers that will then protect her as she grows up and kids turn mean.

Enjoy the post here:


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I might have to share it over at my blog this month too. I think we all feel this way.

  2. You asked about HWT and chalkboard. I found one at hobby Lobby for $2.50. There Is an app too! I used the chalkboard to start cuz Gracie isn't too crazy about using the iPad.