Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Borrowed Blogs

Wow!  I was completely at a loss at what to write tonight and so I was doing a little blog surfing and I came across a couple amazing posts that I want to share.

The first one is from The Chronicles of Ellie Bellie Bear and is about all the feelings that I had when we received the diagnosis and the months that followed.  I love what she says "I do not regret having Ellie.  What I do regret, is not celebrating her the way I should have after she was born.  I want a do-over of the first few months of her life." "Celebrate your little boy or little girl, but do not feel obligated to celebrate Down syndrome."  I certainly didn't celebrate DS in that first year (and I'm not sure I do very much to this day) and her first birthday party was a celebration that I really did...finally...celebrate Sweet Pea for who she was.  I wish I would have accepted her from the start, but I had to celebrate that I had finally made it to acceptance and that I was looking forward to my life with her.

The other is a post on Our Cora Bean about how obvious the characteristics of Down syndrome are on people and how that causes judgements to be made and what we can do to help shift those judgements.  I full heartily agree that getting our kids out into the community is the best way to raise awareness.  Sweet Pea already participates in a few community activities and I will continue to include her as she gets older.  Being in a full inclusion preschool is also an amazing way of showing what our children are capable of.  I look forward to Sweet Pea showing her peers and their parents all that she can do and how she is more alike than different...regardless of her diagnosis.

I hope you enjoy these posts.  Let me know if there something you would like me to write on as I'm seriously lacking ideas currently and we have another 8 days to go still!  Help!!!!

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