Thursday, November 1, 2012

Uplifting Story

I know October has ended, but I'm going to make an earnest effort to continue blogging regularly.  It won't be daily, but hopefully at least a few times a month.  I'll have to highlight some of the insanity that is Angel as well since there is certainly plenty of that going on in our daily lives!

This was a story that Daddy came across today and I thought you would enjoy it.  Stories like this give me hope for Sweet Pea's future and I pray that she has a good set of friends surrounding her that will keep the bullies at bay.  Kids are mean and I don't like thinking about what things might be said and done to her.  We are including her in as many community activities as possible so that the kids get to know her early on in hopes that it will create a bond and an understanding that will save her from some meanness.

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