Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two firsts in one day!

Someone had mentioned to me once that their child had huge growth (mental, not physical) in their 10th month and so I had high hopes, but really was trying not to expect anything.  Well, Sweet Pea has certainly not disappointed.

So Sweet Pea has been sick...fever of 102, running nose, coughing, gunk in the eyes, just not herself sick...but we decide to go to OT on Wednesday because she didn't have a fever and seemed to be in good spirits.  This is the OT session that is focused on oral motor and feeding so it is pretty "easy" on her and she enjoys it normally so I wasn't being a mean mommy by having her go.  She did great in the session and so I'm glad we went!  In the middle of the session her OT was teaching her how to "give 5" by having Sweet Pea slap her hand and then we would both clap.  Without trying to teach Sweet Pea the clapping part she started to do it!  She was so darn adorable!  Every time we would clap she would join in and get a big smile.  It melted my heart!  The "give 5" part is still very much a work in progress, but the clapping is now one of her favorite motions.  Eventually there will be sound, but until then...

As if that weren't enough...Grandma has been babysitting since Sweet Pea can't go to daycare.  When I picked her up on Wednesday Grandma made the casual comment about how she loves that Sweet Pea now lifts her arms when you go to pick her up.  I said huh?  She does what?  Grandma bent down to pick her up and sure enough, up go her arms.  Well, up may not be a good description, but they do go up to just below shoulder level.  I don't know when she started doing that!  When Daddy got home that night I asked him if he knew that she was doing that and he hadn't noticed it either!  She did it for him though immediately too!  Maybe she just picked it up on Wednesday...or maybe her parents are really unobservant...either way, she does it!  Yippee!

Note: For those of you that don't know..."Does she raise her arms when you go to pick her up" is a question that therapists/doctors often ask when determining how she is developing.  I've had to say no to that for months and it broke my heart every time because it seemed like such a simple motion when all the typical kids around did it.  At last!

Thanks for reading about her accomplishments!  I am a proud mommy tonight and I just hope my little girl feels better soon!  She is definitely getting better, but still has a slight fever so we will just continue to watch it.

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