Friday, February 19, 2010

Good News from the Cardiologist!

Quick update before I get back to work for they day:

We met with Sweet Pea's cardiologist today to discuss the findings of the MRI we had done last month.  He confirmed the aberrant right subclavian artery and explained that instead of coming out of the top of the heart it comes out of the bottom and wraps around.  I understand that this is the artery that feeds the right arm.  He doesn't believe that it is causing any issues other than the indent in the esophagus...nothing with the trachea, blood flow, etc.  The indent in the esophagus may pose a problem when she starts eating more solid foods, but it may not even then.  We may have to take extra caution to make sure she chews her food well (she can't learn that from her mom or dad), but we should be able to avoid any type of surgery related to this.  Just for the sake of knowledge sharing, if surgery was necessary they would try to disconnect the artery and reattach it where it should be or just disconnect it completely and somehow let the blood get to the right arm some other way.  We didn't ask many questions because we don't think it will ever come to that and if it does, then we will ask all sorts of questions at that time.

The cardiologist released us completely!  He doesn't want us to come back in 6 months or even a year.  We can always go back to him if we need to, but he thinks she should be good to go!!!!  We get to check one doctor off our list of regular appointments!

Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts as they appear to have worked their magic.  One issue down and now we can focus on the other much less severe ones...reflux, ear infections/fluid, oral motor, etc. 

Have a great Friday afternoon and I plan to write more and share some pictures and videos this weekend when I am not supposed to be working.

Love you all!!!!

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