Monday, February 22, 2010

Surgery Postponed a Week

I realized that I didn't post when Sweet Pea's surgery was scheduled was going to be Wednesday, March 3rd...both the ear tubes and the EGD were to happen at the same time.  I got a call this morning from the hospital telling me that they had to reschedule because the GI doctor wasn't going to be available for the 3rd after all.  We are now scheduled for Wednesday, March 10th.  It is frustrating, but since she has a cold right now, it gives us an extra week to get her healthy.  Of course, it also gives her another week to get her another cold, but let's hope that doesn't happen.

This delay also means that we won't be able to attend her Great Grandma's 90th b-day party in Florida that following weekend.  We will miss you Birthday Girl, but we will make a trip out to see you soon.

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