Friday, February 5, 2010


It's been a hard week and I'm thrilled it's the weekend!  I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with Sweet Pea and Daddy.

Wednesday we had a good OT session.  This is the session that focuses on feeding and oral motor and Sweet Pea enjoys it quite a bit.  This blog is a great excuse to get me to actually take pictures of more things that we do here weekly!  The first picture is of her enjoying the toothette (basically a pink foam lollipop) work, the middle is her sucking in her bottom lip which is a new trick that Daddy and I love for some reason...she does the top lip sometimes too and we figure it is a good thing for her to experiment with all her mouth muscles...and the third picture is of the z-vibe that is a vibrating little tool that she is supposed to bite on.  She loves vibration and is often too fascinated with the vibration to bother biting, but we are working on that.

Thursday brought our other OT session and Sweet Pea really was fussy for most of it, but at the end we did get her to show off some of her new skills.  She is propping on one hand while reaching to the side.  The toy is quite annoying (singing Wiggles guitar) but she seems to enjoy it and that is all that matters.   During this session Sweet Pea was cracking us up because she would be in the middle of crying, then stop and turn to look at Grandma, who was watching the session, and look at her like why aren't you rescuing me?  It was quite cute!

Tonight we were having fun playing with Sweet Pea on the floor.  She actually moved a tiny bit forward instead of backward, but I think it was purely an accident.  She was reaching for her favorite musical star so she was very motivated.  We can hope to replicate it, but I'm not getting my hopes up.  Anyway, she then cracked me up by starting to take apart the foam floor mat.

Right before we sat down for dinner Sweet Pea gave us this last photo.  She was climbing all over the mat and didn't matter what was in her way.  It was the first time we saw her really working to get over and around things that were in her way.  Well, she wasn't too happy when she got into this predicament and she really wasn't happy that Mommy was taking her picture instead of helping her get out from under the futon, but I just couldn't resist!

I want to send a big thank you to my mom (Grandma) for all her help this week!  She was a life saver and I don't know what we would be doing without her!  Thanks Mom!

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