Wednesday, February 10, 2010

She Waved Hi!

We've been waving her hand hi and bye when people come and go for a few weeks now and it seems like she has gotten the idea.  When I took her to daycare we stopped for a minute at the Director's window and said hi and I waved Sweet Pea's hand and then I was there for a few more seconds because the Director was talking to Sweet Pea and Sweet Pea waved to the director again all on her own!  It was so cute!!!!  I hope to get her to repeat the wave again soon, but I'll enjoy that she did it once until then.

We have also been working on turn taking.  I've read over and over again how important turn taking is for communication and we have been mimicking and trying to get Sweet Pea to take her turn for many months now.  On Monday evening we were playing with a new toy (thanks to the cousins for passing on another great toy) that requires the top to be pushed for it to spin and have balls spin around inside it.  I would push the top and she would watch it and then I would tell her it's her turn and take her hand and help her press it.  When it would stop again I would say it's my turn and push it.  After doing this for many turns she surprised me!  I know...I'm constantly surprised, but they are typically good surprises!  Anyway, when I would say it was her turn she started to reach over and grab my hand and put it on top of the toy to push it.  I didn't believe it at first, but every time it was her turn she would do it again.  I loved it!  Very exciting to see her starting to understand what I'm saying and what taking a turn means.

Tomorrow we are off to the GI & ENT so think good thoughts!  We will hopefully hear something about the MRI, but I'm not holding my breath on that one since the Cardiologist is the one that ordered the MRI so the others may not tell me anything.  We will probably decide if ear tubes are needed at the ENT and might find out what is next in the world of understanding/controlling her reflux at the GI.

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