Friday, February 26, 2010

Emotions at 11 months

Just found this blog wasn't ever here it goes...

I really did intend this blog to be a therapeutic tool for me in addition to a way to share the news of Sweet Pea's life with many friends and family.  However, all I seem to do is share the good news on her milestones or the facts on doctor appointments.  People have asked me if this is because now I know people are reading it and I don't want to share my feelings with everyone?  I have to honestly say that isn't the case.  Let me explain...

I think it is two fold:
One, I don't get much "free" time anymore since Daddy has been working and I'm working a ton on top of having to make up for hours that I can't work do to various doctor appointments.  That doesn't leave much time for writing blog posts.

Two, as I've mentioned before, this blog has allowed me to focus more on the positive things that Sweet Pea is doing instead of getting dragged down so far into the day to day tasks and therapies and just the life that we live.  I like looking for things to share, be it taking more pictures to hopefully capture something adorable or playing with her and noticing a new development.  I think I probably would have noticed many of the developments without this blog, but the blog gives me the chance to really celebrate them outside of just our immediate family.  It makes a bigger deal out of all of them as we get to share them with all of you.  And it helps many of you feel more in the loop as to what Sweet Pea is up to at any given time.  It's a win win for us all.

So yes, I haven't written much about my emotional state recently and hopefully that will change here soon.  I will try to write something for the 11 month birthday (which she doesn't actually get this month since the month only has 28 days) so that I have a benchmark to look back on and see how far I've come.  My friends and family have been amazing and so supportive and I'm thankful to them for the good cries that they have allowed me to partake in.  Overall though I'd say that I'm doing ok. 

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