Monday, February 1, 2010

Come on a good one!

Sweet Pea ended January with the arrival of her 2nd tooth. It broke through sometime yesterday evening and I think Grandma had to deal with a fussy little girl partially because of that. Hopefully now that it has broken through she will be a happier little girl as she certainly hasn't been her typical happy self recently.

This weekend we had a lot of fun. Sweet Pea and I met up with some mommy friends on Saturday afternoon and we had a good play date and therapy session all in one. These gals are wonderful and I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends in my life! It was wonderful and at the same time very hard to watch the other children (2 were within a week of Sweet Pea's age and the other was a little younger) crawling all around and showing off their standing and walking abilities. It's just something that I have to get used to and somehow learn to not think about it in a negative way. Sweet Pea will learn to do everything that they are doing right now, it will just take her longer and it will take more work on our part to help her get there. She and we can do it though! One of the mommies was snuggling with Sweet Pea and commenting on how she missed the days when she could snuggle with her little one. I need to enjoy my snuggles and cherish them as they too will probably disappear as she becomes more mobile and wanting to get into everything all the time.

Sunday we were lucky enough to have Grandma offer to watch Sweet Pea for a while in the afternoon. We have learned that we need to get Sweet Pea out of the house more as she isn't very comfortable going to places that she isn't used to. Poor Grandma got to deal with that on top of the teething and gassy issues! We love you Grandma!!!! Daddy and I have made a promise to ourselves and Sweet Pea that we will get her out of our house and daycare and take her places to help her become more accepting to new environments. This one is mainly our own fault so we owe it to Sweet Pea to help her try to solve it. Parks and relatives houses will be in our future a lot! Watch out world!

Along the same lines...I remember not too many months ago when I was saddened by the fact that Sweet Pea didn't seem to care if I was there or not. Anyone would do. It was at the time when I was still trying to bond with her and I just wasn't feeling like she wanted to bond at all with me. Well, I am certainly not just anyone anymore! Sweet Pea definitely loves her mommy (and her daddy) now! Most of the time I love it, even if it is a little frustrating. It shows how far she has come.

Final news...Sweet Pea started putting weight on her legs!!!! I think I've mentioned before that she always learns something new when we have a play date with typical kids. Well, she did this one for the first time at the Saturday play date so her streak continues. Her legs used to buckle immediately upon unlocking her knees and now she is able to lean against my legs and stand on her own legs for 5-10 seconds while I hold her feet with my feet. We are so excited for her! I don't want to push the walking thing because crawling is the best thing for developing her muscles (crawling uses many more muscles than walking), but it is nice for her to start to put a little weight on those chunky legs.

Here's hoping February is a good month for us!  Medically, we will get the results of the MRI and make final determinations on ear tubes, but that is about all that is planned for the month.  That leaves lots of time for playing, hugs and kisses and laughter!

Sweet Pea sends big smooches to all!
Our little bookworm


  1. She sure is a "Sweet Pea":) Wow, look at all that she can do!! She sure looks proud of herself and she should. Enjoy and savor each milestone!! They grow so fast!

  2. I can't believe how much she's changed even in the last couple of months! She's getting so big & strong, good work Mommy!! Praying for good MRI results!