Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Pea's "New" Bike

Sweet Pea wants to show off her "new" ride.  I found this in our garage in the mountains when we were up for Thanksgiving and thought it would be perfect for her.  Grandma had purchased it at a garage sale years ago for her youngest grandson and had forgotten about it.  She cleaned it up and Sweet Pea enjoyed riding it around the living room up there.  Her feet BARELY touch the ground when she is wearing her shoes, but it is much better than any of the other ride on toys we have.  Our driveway is a pretty good place for her to ride it and she enjoys it quite a bit.  Thanks Grandma for getting this so many years ago and letting us bring it home with us!  The weather at home is much more conducive to winter bike riding than in the mountains.

Oh, and she can get on and off this bike on her own most of the time!  She learned that skill quite quickly.  I guess it just goes to show that if she is properly motivated, she can learn a lot in a short period of time!

Enjoy the video:


  1. Good job Sweet Pea! Max is still trying to figure out how to move his feet to make his riding toy work. Love the walking video. Mas 'falls/sits down' the same way - someday they'll figure out it's easier on the bum to bend those knees!

  2. She's so cute and such a big girl riding her bike :)

  3. So cute! Great bike riding Sweet Pea!

  4. Oh my gosh ... riding a bike??Now that is a milestone!She is so darn cute.I mean really darling.Still LOVE those glasses of her's!