Monday, December 20, 2010

Sweet Pea's Doctor Update

I'm pleased to announce that today I took Sweet Pea to her pediatrician and she is doing very well.  She has gained about 10 ounces in the last 6 weeks and has grown 1/2 inch in the last 3 months.  She continues to be on the high end of the modified Down syndrome growth charts, but she is actually still on the typical growth charts as well!  For weight she is about 25th percentile and for height she is in the 10-25th percentile.  For all the time and effort we wasted on worrying about her weight...well, let's just say that I wish I hadn't!

Another piece of good news is that we were given the all clear to have her face forward in the car seat!  It's a simple thing, but it will be so nice for me and for her too.  She will no longer need to crane her neck around to try to catch a glimpse of me.  The other nice thing is that we can now move the passenger seat back a little.  I'll be moving the seat once it finally stops raining here.  Yes, we who live in Southern California are being inundated with rain!  It started on Wednesday and it's been rare to get a few minutes where it isn't at least misting.  Since we only get a handful of rain days most years, this is very strange for us.  Wish it wasn't happening right before Christmas, but oh well...we need the rain.  I digress...

The other piece of good news is that we can ditch the formula!  Yippee!!!!  We can switch to rice milk since she can't handle soy or dairy.  The calorie, fat and protein are all less, but as long as we ensure that she is getting enough from her table foods it should be okay.  We will be seeing the pediatrician at the 2 year mark so we can check her weight gain at that point and modify something if necessary.  This will make life easier...assuming she will drink it!  I'll buy some tomorrow and see how it goes.  Keep your fingers crossed!  We will still have to use the thickener, but it is one less thing to mix.

Here is a mixture of random photos we've taken recently...

Do you think I like Baby Signing Time?

Can you guess which cousin is absolutely in love with me?  (Mommy will be posting an adorable photo on that topic very soon)

I'm here...the party can start now!

Families that brush their teeth together...

Mommy really loves it when I completely empty baskets of clean clothes onto the dog fur covered floor!


  1. Sweet Pea is a big girl!! I am with you on the car is a HUGE deal!! I think it is awesome she will be able to see the world and you!! love the pix brushing her teeth! I need to work on that with Maddie!! Have a wonderful holiday..smiles

  2. Wonderful news! Yay for Sweet Pea!

  3. Yeah Sweet Pea! She's doing great, congrats! Love the "The party can start" photo :)

  4. Are you getting rained out?! How nice to be able to turn her around. We have two rear facers since Jax has no head control. I dont know what we'll do when his legs get too long!

  5. WOOHOO....GREAT JOB Sweet Pea!!! Landon is going to be soooo jealous that your carseat can now face forward=) (He's still working hard in the weight gain area). So happy to hear all this wonderful news!!

    Looking forward to seeing what 2011 will bring to Landon & all his friends!! Happy Holidays=)

  6. Wonderful news! Glad to hear everything is going in the right direction. :) Chloe loves Baby Signing Time too! And yay on turning the seat around. I know how exciting that can be. OUr pedi wants us to wait with Chloe, but since she has her brother and sister to look at she doesn't seem to mind too much.

  7. Hooray for turning the seat around! The doc thinks we won't turn Brooke til she's 2, so I'll be sitting with my knees in my chin until then...

  8. Fantastic news Sweet Pea! What a big girl! Love the tooth-brushing photo and the "I'm here the party can start!" She's so very cute...Happy Holidays!!

  9. She's doing great!! That's impressive to be on the typical charts. Claire is still hanging out at the bottom of them too. I hope the rice milk makes things easier for you!!