Friday, December 17, 2010

New Shoes (Catch up post from Nov)

I've been EXTREMELY first my excuse was that I didn't have the photos, but that was quickly fixed and so then it was just me being neglectful.  Here it is though...

Thursday, November 18th, 2010
Sweet Pea got her first real pair of shoes!  Her Grandmother from PA was visiting for her 60th birthday and we enjoyed every short minute of her trip!  Aunt R and Grandmother joined us for a trip to the podiatrist to determine if orthotics were necessary and we were all thrilled to learn that she only needed little inserts that are about 3 inches long that sit in the heel of the shoe.  They just sit in the bottom of shoes so they aren't a hassle at all.  Here are a couple of photos of us waiting at the doctor.

Once we had the inserts in hand, we headed to the mall to go shoe shopping!  The doctor had recommended either Stride Rite or New Balance shoes saying that those were the most supportive.  The store clerk measured her little feet and then showed us the shoes that were the most supportive.  Sweet Pea LOVES shoes...she crawls over to shoes to play with them all the time so we thought that this would be fun for her.  Once again, mommy was wrong!  I mean, just look at the agony of trying on shoes!

We tried a size on that was way too big...

And then we got the right size...

Sweet Pea wasn't really into it, but she did a little walking in the store.

All in all the trip was a success.  Sweet Pea QUICKLY grew accustomed to the new shoes and now loves them.  We only wear them when we are at PT or outside of the house.  We've been told that being barefoot allows her to get more input from her feet which is very helpful when she is learning to balance and walk.  We've had the shoes almost a month and they are no longer shiny and clean, but they are well loved and getting a ton of use and that is what is most important.  Thank you Grandmother for the shoes!!!!


  1. LOVE the pink! Now that you now what you like, have you ever heard of It's the clearance outlet for Zappos- they generally have lots of Stride Rites, and occasionally you get lucky and they have the size you want for CHEAP. :)

  2. Sweet Pea is getting so big!! love the shoes!! Happy Holidays...smiles

  3. I know I just commented but then I was over at Unforseen Gifts and saw your questions about the straw. We're straw users too. Abby is on #3 and also uses thickener. We use the lip blocks but are wondering if it is not going well b/c she repeatedly presses down on the block and so it doesn't stay at the 1/4 inch spot very well. we also give her Kefer to drink alot b/c of the nice consistency. She's on honey consistency right now. The last time we sawy SRJ though she said not to move past this 3rd straw until Abby can drink thin liquids- which I'm afraid won't be for some time. The last swallow study came out worse then the previous one and we had to move from nectar to honey.

    I'm also curious about the shoes- we were told no orthotics for now for Abby but to look for shoes that had better lateral stability in the high top- instead of the forward backward stability. I've yet to find any. Anyway- just wanted to say hi!