Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Big Baby on the Way

For those of you that aren't here to witness this pregnancy...let it be known that I am large...and I mean large.  It has been happening more times than I can count when some random stranger will come up to me in a store and ask when I am due...clearly expecting me to say any day now.  When I tell them I have 2 1/2 months left they fail miserably to contain their shock.  Many quickly ask if I am carrying more than one.  Some are even as bold as to ask if I have gestational diabetes!  It's becoming quite humorous for me and anyone that is with me...often my mom.

Sweet Pea was born one day after her due date and came in at 8lbs 11ozs (or 8lbs 7ozs depending on which medical record you look at) which is well above the 90th percentile on the Down syndrome growth charts.  I know that I don't produce small babies.  I wasn't a small baby (over 9lbs) and my husband...well...he was a behemoth at well over 10lbs!  Small babies were never an expectation of mine and I have to say that this new baby is not proving me wrong yet.  Don't worry, I'm sure she will start proving me wrong very soon, just not in this area.

I'm as big around right now as I was the week I delivered Sweet Pea!  My weight is almost as high, but I started higher this time so I still have room to gain if you compare it to what I gained last time...nope, no numbers are being shared in this area!

I went to my OB today and she did some measurements.  I know that these can be significantly off, but it was still interesting none the less.  Her head is measuring 2-3 weeks ahead and her belly 1-2 weeks ahead.  The doctor is happy that her head is the one that is farther along.  As she said it, "if the head fits at least we know the rest of her will too".  We can hope that this new baby makes a slightly early arrival, but since Sweet Pea was 1 day late, my doctor doesn't expect me to kick this one out much earlier.  Who knows, but I can hope that this little (or should I say not so little) one makes her appearance a week or two early.  I'm not going to be holding my breath and I know that my body will do what is right for this baby girl, but a girl can hope right?

I hope you have a good laugh at my expense just like so many other people have been having.  Luckily, it doesn't bother me as I expect it will continue to happen for the next 2+ months!


  1. Milk it, Mama! I'd totally use the "any day now"- especially places like standing in line at the grocery stores. Or you could spontaneously double over and hold your stomach- you know, just for kicks. You may as well enjoy yourself, right??? A few weeks ago we were waiting around at Children's and there was a lady in a similar situation- a little (old) volunteer lady came up and was going on. And on. And ON about her size. I thought the lady would have decked her if she hadn't been 118 years old.

  2. How did I miss that you are pregnant? I obviously have not been on blogger as much these days! Congratulations!!!! I hope you are staying comfortable despite increasing in size. Sweet Pea will no doubt have lots of fun being a big sister!

  3. I was huge with both my pregnancies as well. Instead of the shock I got the sympathy look, you know like "poor thing, she's huge!" From the last picture you posted, I think you look great! Lucas measured 2-3 weeks ahead too and we had an induction at 38 weeks and he was 8lbs 6oz! The consecutive babies are always bigger, fun!

  4. Glad baby is growing so well. I am with Aimee milk it for all it's worth these last couple months.

  5. I agree, milk it all you can! Glad to hear things are going well.

  6. My first was a few days late but for my second I went into labour 2 weeks early. So you never know- this little one might come a bit early too.