Friday, December 31, 2010

First Independent Steps

We are up in our local mountains again and it seems that this is a very special place for Sweet Pea.  This is where she first started experimenting with trying to stand up over the Thanksgiving weekend and now this is even bigger!

Yesterday, Sweet Pea's Auntie J was watching her stand up and commented something about how if she can do that then she might be able to walk since that is easier than balancing.  I couldn't believe it, but figured it was certainly worth a shot!  Grandma and I sat down opposite from each other and the following are the results.

There are a ton of videos, but if you want the short version, check out the second and seventh videos.

Video 1: This is how we first started. She basically just falls into us and then takes a couple of steps.

Video 2: Here you first see her signing "more" which she did almost every time she got to one of us.  Then the best part starts about 17 seconds into it where she takes her first independent steps!  The smile on her face is so precious!

Video 3: I love how she lets us support her weight by holding her bottom at times...then she became a drunken sailor.

Video 4: The immediate "more" never ceases to amuse me and then she released Grandma's hands and took 3-4 independent steps!

Video 5: Here is a fun blooper.  She never minded any of the falls that she had during this session.  She even cut my lip open a tiny bit in one fall, but it didn't phase her at all!


Video 6: Her giggles make it even cuter!

Video 7: You can see that she is getting quite tired, but she doesn't want to stop.  Looks like she gets another 3-4 steps in on this final video too!

Needless to say, we are all very excited for her!  I can't believe that she did this for more than 10 minutes straight!  We will certainly be repeating this today and hopefully we will have just as much success if not even more!


  1. YEAH!! for Sweet Pea...she is a RoCKsTaR!! so thankful you captured the wonderful time on a forever video!! Happy Healthy New Year to you all..smiles

  2. So exciting, she's doing great!

  3. way to go sweet pea. great way to start the new year!

  4. I just loved these videos, made me tear up a little...You could just feel the excitment in the room! I loved where she signed "more" that was so cute!!

  5. Yeah Sweet Pea! Awesome stepping!!! And you look super cute pg! Happy New Year.

  6. Wow I just love those vid's I watched every single one and I just loved them them all

  7. WOO HOO Sweet Pea!! This is such exciting news!! Landon is sending you the highest 5!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!!! What a great way to start the New Year!! Keep up the good work:)

  8. AWESOME!!!! Great job Sweet Pea!!!

  9. wow! how exciting sweet pea!! go girl go!

    in response to your horn blowing question. I just continued to present the the horns to Little Miss and praise her each time she even attempted to blow them. She eventually got it. If you're coordinated enough you can bounce sweet pea on a ball and as she's bouncing hold the horn for her to blow as she comes down on the ball. I could never get that coordinated though. :-) Shoot me an e-mail and I can give you more suggestions, but it was really just repeated presentations and lots of excitement with increased interested.