Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

With all the rain that we have had here (seriously...we had 7 STRAIGHT days of virtually nonstop rain and that is unheard of in southern California!) I wasn't sure that we were going to ever get the chance to take Sweet Pea to sit on Santa's lap.  There is a street that is called Candy Cane Lane and is closed off for 2 weeks before Christmas and everyone on the street goes crazy with decorating.  It is a winter wonderland for little kids and adults alike!  When the weather is nice, Santa visits the street each night from 7-9pm.  Before all the rain started I figured that I had lots of chances to get a picture of Sweet Pea on his lap.  Next thing I know it is 2 days before Christmas and Santa hasn't been there because it's been so unpleasant.  Last night we kept Sweet Pea up late and braved the crowds (lots of people had been missing their Candy Cane Lane fix) to get her picture taken.  As you will see in the photos below, she didn't take to him very well, but there were no tears either so I will say it was a success.  The look on her face when Daddy first placed her on Santa's lap makes me crack up.  From there she moved on to signing all done and finally started reaching for Daddy to rescue her.  I sure hope Santa doesn't take it personally because I know that she has been a darn good girl this year and is looking forward to lots of presents.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas!


  1. That is too funny! I love how she signed "all done"...and the look on her face! Merry Christmas Beautiful Sweet Pea!

  2. Max just cried - I'm sure he was thinking 'all done'. Love Santa pictures. Merry Christmas!