Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweet Pea sick again

Looks like the source of the fussiness yesterday wasn't teething after all.  Appears that she has some sort of a bug because she hasn't kept hardly anything down today.  It's been fun!  When we picked her up from school yesterday they said she had thrown up after her afternoon snack, but we didn't worry too much about it.  Then she didn't eat much the rest of the day, but did drink well at bedtime and twilight so we felt better.  This morning she sucked down 2-3 oz of formula super quick and then started coughing and next thing you know...all that formula was a shower for mommy.  Sweet pea, I know I needed a shower so thank you, but I really prefer to take one in clean water.

She is spitting up a lot and being clingy and sleeping a lot.  Poor thing!  This isn't how daddy envisioned his last day of unemployment, but it's a good thing he wasn't working today!

I guess I just spilled the beans above, but great news!  Daddy has a job!!!!  He starts tomorrow and we are so excited and proud of him!  It's not too far away and we hope he likes it!  It sure is going to be hard managing all the therapy appointments with both of us working, but we will make it work (Grandma, have I said how much we love and owe you!!!!).  If we add the speech therapy into the mix that will make for 7 appointments a week!  Yikes!!!!  Don't know if we will do that or drop something, but we aren't ready to discuss that yet either.  We have a few weeks to see how things are looking before speech would even begin.

Here's hoping Sweet Pea feels better really soon!


  1. Awww - tons of well-wishes for Sweet Pea! My entire family had that bug about 2 weeks ago, prompting me to post a diagram of a stomach on my blog... hey... I'm just a crazy-fun kinda girl!

    A BIG congratulations to your hubby!! This economy is tougher than tough!

  2. Get well soon, Sweet Pea:)

  3. get better soon sweet pea Yea for employment

  4. 1. Congrats on the job Sweet Pea's Daddy! I bet you are so excited!!
    2. Sweet pea, I hope you feel better very soon.
    3. You sure do have a lot of appointments!! Can your therapists go to the daycare center where she attends to help relieve some of that running around stress?

  5. Oh Sweet Pea we hope you are feeling better in no time. Congrats to daddy on his job! Good luck tomorrow!

  6. I hope Sweet Pea feels better soon! Those showers are NOT the best kind, that's for sure. :)