Monday, May 10, 2010

Compilation Post

This is a compilation of a few favorite posts that I have seen lately and have been wanting to share. Enjoy!

Update on Ella: Chemo started last night, but the warrior slept well last night.  Thank goodness for the small things!  Keep the prayers coming! 
For those of you reading this that aren't one of the many DS Momma's, here's a little additional info on why this hits so close to home for us.  Thanks to Patti for posting this: "Individuals with Down syndrome have a 15 to 20 times greater risk of developing leukemia. The majority of cases are categorized as acute megakaryoblastic leukemia, which tends to occur in the first three years of life, and for which there is a high cure rate." Annas Angels. Ella has what is called transient myeloproliferative disorder TMD, so she was at an increased risk of developing leukemia.

Even though I am still new on this journey, I understood this all too well. I hope you get a good laugh too. "A Stranger Among You"

Here is a great video from Free to be Me dance studio in the LA area that has a very special group of dancers.  It's a very happy video.

The next video is of Club 21 which is who put on the conference we went to last month. I cried for the first few minutes of the video, but by the end I was full of hope. Nancy is truly an amazing woman and I am so happy that she has worked so hard to create Club 21. If only it were a little closer!

After last nights emotional post I read this one today from Our Unexpected Journey and was thrilled at how well she explained much of how I'm feeling.  Sweet Pea really has changed me and I know that it is for the better.


  1. Great post (and your previous one too). Loved the dancing video!!!

  2. It's wonderful seeing you grow as a mommy. I love the part of Our Unexpected Journey where she says that we can all learn from y/our special little ones "Loving unconditionally, forgiving, accepting others for who they are, slowing down and taking the time to enjoy life and for the most part loving life and living it to it's fullest." I just wish it were a little easier on them. Love you.

  3. I really enjoyed those videos! Thank you so much for gave me my daily dose of tears! :)