Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Finger food time:

Mommy gave me a spoon!

Mommy, stop taking pictures of me!

Mommy, look what I painted for you for Mother's Day:

And a special bonus paint job:

I'm just adorable aren't I?

Anyone seen my fish lips?

Daddy & I love watching hockey together:


  1. Love the fishy face! Great pictures!

  2. Love the fish face, so cute. I think she's doing great self feeding!

  3. these pics, especially the fishy face:) Sooooo CUTE!!!!

  4. Yes - It's official. The fish face is a hit! And what a cute little painting! Chase seems convinced crayons are food, and even puts paint in his mouth. Nothing is spared from being chewed on or eaten! One day we'll try arts and crafts again! Love the pictures!

  5. Oh my the fish lips are awesome! SO CUTE!