Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another milestone reached

I'm so proud of my little girl...she continues to amaze me time and time again.  You will have to read through this long post to see what that milestone was though...

Daddy's birthday was on Monday and while we didn't share Daddy's brownies and ice cream with Sweet Pea, we did let her have a little fun.  We opened up a jar of Gerber Stage 3 Sweet Potatoes thinking that they would be thicker and she could feed herself. Unfortunately, they were just as runny as the Stage 2, but that didn't stop us.

This one reminds me of those drunken mug shots that is all the fad with the Hollywood celebs:

And my favorite:

These next 2 videos are long so those of you that don't care, you can just skip right over them. These are more for our family that don't get to see her much and want more than 30 second clips.

Here is a video of Sweet Pea playing with a new toy we got off of Freecycle. She loves it and picked up what to do with it right away.

This is during Infant Stimulation on Friday. Sweet Pea was doing really well with putting the blocks in the container until the camera came on. Apparently she doesn't like showing off for the camera.

And now for the grand finale...Saved the best for last...this one is VERY short, but that is due to Mommy not using her brain on Sunday. Let me give you a lot of background first...

I believe I've mentioned this before, but let me restate it for anyone that has missed it...Sweet Pea HATES to work and I mean HATES. Our new PT has been a tremendous help in finding ways to get her to "work" without her realizing that she is working. We've been trying to get her to kneel for what seems like months now and really weren't getting anywhere. Here is a photo of our new PT "working" with Sweet Pea in kneeling.

Each day Sweet Pea is kneeling for longer and longer.

On Friday I noticed that she was starting to crawl using her right toes a bit. I wasn't going to post this video, but I can't describe what I'm talking about and this one shows it. Please don't mind the drool...we live in a constant state of drool here and it drives Daddy bonkers!

I've also caught her bringing her knees up under her when she is laying on the ground. She has done this in the crib for a long time now, but that is with the incline that I think helps her because she didn't do it on the ground until this week.

The combination of all these new tricks made me not completely surprised when I saw her up on all fours this morning in her crib. I was still thrilled and had to snap more photos. Her feet are against the end of the crib which makes it easier. Poor girl can't get her hands to stay out of her sleeves!

This morning we were just about to leave the monthly playdate that our local DS support group organizes when I decided to check her diaper. False alarm on the diaper, but she rolled over and started entertaining some good friends. She tried to get up on all fours and scooted backwards twice and then she did it! She got up on all fours in the middle of the floor with no help and then she even started rocking!!!! I couldn't believe it and since everyone there was connected to DS they also were very excited. It's nice to be around people that understand that we get small breakthroughs and need to revel in them because we know how very hard our kids had to work to get there. I was too busy being happy and cheering Sweet Pea on to even think about getting the camera out. When she finally stopped she laid back down but only stayed down for a short time. She then decided that she liked the reaction that she got and wanted to give us an encore. She got up on her very first try this time and we again were cheering her on. Mommy's brain finally clicked in when I realized that Daddy would probably want to see this and I grabbed my camera out of the purse and got it to the right setting just in time to capture this short video:

Now that she can get onto all fours, I am curious how long until real crawling happens! I'm not ready yet!!!!! We have 1 outlet cover installed in our entire house and that was just installed this weekend. I think it could be a couple months before we see real crawling, but I'm excited none the less.

Thanks for sharing in our excitement!


  1. wow sweet pea, show mommy and daddy what youve got! love the 2nd picture....such blue eyes

  2. That is awesome!! She is really taking off-way to go!!!

  3. She is the fastest army crawler I've ever seen! I bet she'll be creeping in a matter of days. Yay sweet pea!

  4. Hooray for Sweet Pea!! Way to go:) Keep up the good work!

  5. Yeah sweet pea! Oh I wouldn't say it would be months could be days and she will be off and crawling!

  6. Congrats to Sweet Pea! She is really is such a cutie pie :)

  7. I love the photos and the extended videos for us distant relatives...thanks!! We're doing a US Marine Mud Run on June 12th and we're going to have to crawl through tunnels, so we might come out and get some lessons on army crawling from Sweet Pea (that little toe push is so cute). I love the rocking too, great job! Miss and love you guys!

  8. Yeah, thats so cute. It makes me so excited to bring Makayla home!

  9. That is fantastic! You are doing so well Sweet Pea!