Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still sick

This bug is still attacking poor Sweet Pea.  Last night was by far her worst night and today she is just a cuddle bug which is how you know she doesn't feel well.  Now that she can move she doesn't sit still for cuddles anymore.  I miss them, but not enough to wish this upon her!  We checked in with the doctor this morning just to be safe since we do have a 3 day weekend coming up.  He told us to do small meals and that if she will take formula to go with that over Pedialite or water because it has more nutritional value.  Additionally we need to focus on liquids and not worry about solids until she is feeling better.  Dehydration is the big worry and so far she is ok on that front.  We need to have 3 wet diapers within 24 hours or we have to take her in for IV.  I really don't think that will be an issue, but it is always good to know what to be looking for.

Grandma is being a life saver and watching Sweet Pea today so that I can work and Daddy can try to enjoy his first day of work!  Not the way I wanted to celebrate his first day on the new job, but so is life.  We've learned to roll with the punches in this household.  Thank you Grandma!!!!!

Random side note and I hate to post this, but I worry easily and I don't know who to ask for an update so I'll put it out here as this is such a close community...has anyone heard anything from Lisa at Genetically Enhanced about her son Sheridan?  The last post I have seen was the great post that he was being wheeled into ICU after a successful heart surgery!  But that was on Tuesday and since there hasn't been an update since then I am worried.  Prayers are going to them both and I'm hoping that they aren't needing them.


  1. Hoping you are feeling so much better by the weekend Sweet Pea. I am sure Grandma's cuddles made you better!

  2. Sorry about Sweet Pea. I haven't heard anything new about Sheridan. Do you have their e-mail to contact her? I sure don't...hmm..

  3. I hope she's feeling better soon. I'm glad the sickies have not been around for a while, especially with the crazy weather we've had!

  4. I hope she feels better soon. Pedialyte is disgusting tasting (you'd think the company would have taste-tested it). The only thing my kids would ever take was the Pedialyte popsicles since they were soothing and cold. BTW, it sounds like Sheridan is doing well. He's off of the oxygen and the ICU allowed Lisa to sleep a 2nd night next to him last night so he could rest better. This is against their rules, so it's nice that they let her do that. I haven't heard anything newer, but if you're on facebook, you could "friend" her and keep up with the latest.