Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Almost Birthday Daddy!

Today we celebrated Daddy's almost birthday. Since I have to work tomorrow, we pretended today was his big day. That really only meant he got to sleep in and not do dishes today. No, he really would say it was a good day. We went to a park that Daddy hadn't been to before and we played and enjoyed a nice picnic lunch by the lake. Too bad my battery died or we would have some better pictures of the park instead of just these few.

I'm not sure I'm going to like this.  Mommy, are you going to rescue me?

I'm not sure I like this...Daddy, don't let go!

I definitely don't like this!

Switching who "helps" me down doesn't make it any better guys!

Swings!!!!  Now that is more like it!  Thanks Daddy!

The higher the better!

You would have thought Sweet Pea ate the brownies that I hadn't even made yet for her Daddy with how active she was this afternoon. She crashed hard like she would have if she came down from the sugar high. The brownies didn't come out of the oven until she was in bed though so I know that wasn't the case. Here is a video of just a snippet of her energy this afternoon.

Random side note: It's amazing how many times we find ourselves around special needs kids when we didn't expect to be. Today I decided to park in the very back section of the park that I wasn't even really sure even existed since I was going off of memories from 15 years ago. Turns out that where I was planning on parking was right by a baseball field. I got parking fright and jumped out and had Daddy parallel park for me and while he was working his magic, I noticed that this wasn't just any little league game that was being played. Almost every kid had someone else with them and it was very special in so many ways. A parent was walking past and I asked him what kind of game this was and he awkwardly started to say that it was a game for special needs kids when I interrupted and said, "Oh, our daughter has Down syndrome". At this point the man appeared to become completely relaxed and shared that many of the kids on the team had DS and told us all about the program that they are a part of. He gave me this website and it seems like a great group and I hope it is still around when Sweet Pea can participate! 14 months ago we probably would not have even noticed that there was something special about the game. We lived in a bubble and I am not proud of it. I am glad that Sweet Pea has opened my eyes to the world around me and I know that she will positively impact many other people in her future.


  1. Happy Birthday Daddy! I love the video...very funny! And Mommy, you take excellent photos. The ones with her on the swing are awesome.

  2. looks like a fantastic day! She sure was moving & grooving. I love that little chuckle and that she waved bye-bye. very sweet. That looks like a wonderful group you stumbled upon. Definitely keep their site bookmarked. :-) oops and Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  3. beautiful pics! and i love the go girl! and the wave at the end...perfect!

  4. It looks like an amazing day, and I LOVE that last pic of her on the swing.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog. I'll be coming back to yours for sure!