Friday, July 1, 2011


As all babies seem to do, Angel LOVES her toes. Just yesterday I captured her doing some impressive work to try to get to her toes while strapped into the chair. It looks like she is trying to get out of the chair, but I promise...she is really just going for those succulent little toes.

And yes, I realized that the straps probably needed to be tightened so that she didn't flip out of the chair the next time she was so bend upon eating her toes. Unfortunately, when I went to tighten the strap it broke so that chair won't be used again. Angel loved that chair and it worked well for us, but Daddy kept killing his toes on it because the frame of it sticks out a bit so he is probably the only one happy about its retirement. In fact, if there wasn't the risk of his little girl getting hurt I wouldn't have been surprised if he tried to break the straps earlier!

Anyway, back to my question...Do toes really taste that good?

This afternoon I was on my way home from picking Sweet Pea up from her center based therapy program and I glance into the backseat to find her trying to attack her toes too! She was completely bent over with both arms wrangling her pudgy foot up to her mouth and she is practically gnawing on her big toe! She then switches feet and repeats the process. Her big toes have been peeling a big on the edges and I'm wondering if her teeth are what is causing it? I didn't realize that she was doing this. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and saw that she is just mimicking her sister and trying to see what Angel is so fascinated with...but really?!?!


  1. Yup, toes taste good. I've seen Ryder in the car seat double toeing it. Pretty funny.

  2. This just cracks me up. Don't you wish you could hear what they're thinking???