Friday, July 1, 2011

Mrs. Potato Head and Home Situation Update

Sweet Pea wanted to play with Mrs. Potato Head this afternoon so she gets her out of the toy bin and brings her over to me.  She comes with just one arm and one ear attached.  Sweet Pea then goes back to the bin to get more pieces.  She grabs the eye glasses and hat.  She gets frustrated when the glasses won't stay on because she doesn't have a nose or another ear and decides to toss them aside and put the hat on and then go back for more pieces.  I prompt her to bring me a nose or eyes or ear or even her mouth.  Yes, she knows what those items are, but does she bring them?  She reaches in and grabs a few items including the eyes, nose and mouth and drops those three on the ground and keeps only one other piece.  Know which piece she thought Mrs. Potato Head couldn't live without?  Apparently a one armed, one ear, hat wearing Mrs. Potato Head needs a purse more than any thing else!  My girl has interesting priorities...she definitely didn't learn this sense of style from me!

I've been needing a bit of humor as my days have been far from fun recently.  Sweet Pea is finally healthy (I hope I didn't jinx anything) and so is Daddy, but Angel and I are anything but!  Angel has been waking up before the two hour mark every night recently and I've been sick as a dog.  I finally went into the doctor yesterday and learned that I have bronchitis so I got some drugs and they are already starting to work their magic.  Angel's doctor also changed her meds and she is also doing a bit better today.  I hadn't slept more than 30 minutes for the past 3 nights until last night when I actually slept for 2 1/2 hours in a row!  I felt so alive this morning it was ridiculous!  And then to make matters even better...Angel took two good naps today of almost 2 hours and so I got to sleep over an hour each time too!  Daddy has been a life saver and has taken care of Angel for the past two nights as well as having done more than his share around the house too.  He is the only reason this house is still functioning at all.  Not that we are functional, but we are somewhat functioning.  Let's hope that today is a sign of good things to come.  We've been under quarantine for far too long and it looks like the 4th of July will be Independence Day in more than the traditional way!

Here are a couple of photos from the sickness that our house has been:

This is one night when Sweet Pea wasn't feeling well.  She had moved sometime after we put her to bed into this much more comfortable position.

And this was Angel when she wasn't feeling can see it in the look in her eyes.


  1. poor little loves...... hope mommy gets more rest soon. I agree about the daddy people. Our house wouldnt run well without ours either. He is just awesome. When I go shopping I feel best when I buy shoes or a purse. you dont have to try them on and they fit no matter how up or down your weight might be at the moment- usually up for me! Hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

  2. that is rough!! I am sorry to hear you all are under the weather...hope you get some good sleep soon!! I love the pix of Sweet cute...and Angel is darling...Happy 4th..smiles