Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun in the Sun

The weather has been amazing here and we took advantage of it today!  Sweet Pea hasn't been enjoying the water table, sprinkler or grass this summer so I keep trying to show her the error of her ways.  Today it finally worked!  I took her out in the morning and she played and played and played!  She was willing to play in the water table on the grass in bare feet and didn't even need to have a blanket underneath her!  She would splash her face and dump water on herself and not care at all!  When we were playing in the sandbox that I turned into a mini pool she was kicking and splashing and even sitting in the water.  I think she was okay with it because it was so warm out, there was no wind and the water heated up pretty quickly from the sun.

Here is a video of Sweet Pea showing off her kicking and splashing abilities:

Here is a video of the water slide we made:

Angel wasn't in a good mood today, but she tolerated being outside for a little while.  I thought this was a good way to keep her out of the sun when there was no shade to be found:

It's so nice to not have to keep these girls apart anymore!  They missed each other!

We joined a local group of moms at the park this afternoon for some homemade ice cream making and it was a blast!  We had a small ziplock with the liquid ice cream and an outer ziplock with ice and rock salt.  The kids shook the bags and within a few minutes they had ice cream!  It was so easy and it was very yummy.  Sweet Pea was kind enough to share hers with Mommy as it was melting pretty quickly!

When the ice cream fun was over Sweet Pea wanted to play in the swings as she normally does.  As I was pushing her and holding Angel it dawned on me that Angel could probably go in the other swing!  She is growing up so fast and I have a hard time admitting that she isn't a newborn anymore!  Angel sat right up and loved it!

A quick video of the swinging sisters:

Sweet Pea is healthy so we are scheduled for ear tube surgery tomorrow morning and have to arrive at the hospital at 5:30am.  Wish us luck!!!!

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